2020 Version Lifan X-Pect 200cc EFI Dual Sport Motorcycle, 14HP Engine
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fully assembled and pdi
2020 Version Lifan X-Pect 200cc Electronic Fuel Injection Dual Sport Motorcycle with 5-Speed Manual Transmission, 14HP Engine! 19"/17" Wheels! Free Shipping! Fully Assembled In Crate!
$3,099.95 $1,929.95
by richard balko Date Added: Monday 31 August, 2020
Purchased this bike as a starter to get into motorcycles. This is what I can tell you after 3+ months of ownership.

First off- This bike is by no means a "best in class" bike. It doesn't do anything perfectly, but all in all pretty good in every scenario.

There is some assembly required. You WILL need assistance getting the bike out of the cage/box it ships with, it is slid into grooves and needs to be lifted out (the bike is definitely heavier than your standard dirt bike). Handlebars and blinkers are pretty much the only things you need to assemble. The tools that shipped with it were the wrong size but I was able to manage with the tools I had in my toolbox. As long as you have a decent screwdriver and a socket/wrench set you should be fine. Note- DO NOT overtighten the throttle/clutch assemblies on the handlebars, the bolts that ship with it are very weak and I was able to break them without applying too much force. I would suggest replacing these with higher quality ones to ensure you have a snug fit.

REMEMBER TO CHANGE OUT THE OIL BEFORE STARTING THE ENGINE. The engine comes full of what is essentially "shipping oil". Do not run the bike on this oil. I am using a generic motorcycle oil from Autozone, however others have said that using something like Amsoil SAE 30 Break In Oil for the first few hundred miles will do wonders to your engine in the long run.

As far as I understand, the engine itself is of high quality. Despite a ~300 mile brake-in period, everything seems to be riding perfectly, I have not had any issues with it, other than it cutting off after about 5 minutes sitting at idle.

It terms of other Quality Control issues, some of the fairings are not painted completely/have rubbed off, but cosmetically is perfect. The fairings do pop out in one area, however this can easily be fixed. The shifter is a bit hard to get into neutral when the bike is running, will end up switching between 1st and 2nd a few times before you can get it into neutral- not sure if this is an issue across the board for all bikes or just mine.

Actually registering the bike was a tad difficult, but this was moreso to me not being prepared with some things, such as the original bill of sale that you must request from the seller (at least that's all I needed additionally to it being registered in South Carolina). I did throw the DMV a curveball trying to figure out what the bike actually is (model did not come up in records so they had to do manual entry of it). Insurance was the same story, but was able to complete all the paperwork nonetheless.

Now for the good stuff--riding. The bike is a bit tall, however me being 5'11" I have no problem mounting the bike and even flat-footing on both sides when at a stop. The ride is very smooth for a dual sport, light enough to still be nimble when turning, heavy enough to provide a smooth experience at higher speeds. The tires are a bit aggressive for road use, so anything over about 50mph is a little sketchy, but the bike handles VERY well on trails and light offroad adventures. It comes with a analogue tach and a digital speedo, and not much else.
Don't expect the bike to be fast at all. While probably quicker than most cars when accelerating, at the end of the day it is a very conservative 200cc engine. I have not done a top speed test myself, but I've seen others get it past 70mph after the break-in period. In short, a great bike to zip around town with and also take to the trails, but would not recommend for highway use.

Overall this is a great beginner bike and I would definitely recommend to someone who is looking to get their first motorcycle. It's half the price of the other big name brands and has comparable performance, enough to compete with more expensive bikes.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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Received the bike way ahead of schedule. Received the MCO way ahead of schedule. Had a couple of email questions very rapid response. Nice little bike ..
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