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GK-F007 110cc Middle Size Go Kart with Semi-Automatic Transmission w/Reverse, Front & Rear Disc Brakes!
$1,299.95 $1,058.95
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Ownership: more than 1 years
This user purchased this item from PowersportsMax.com
5 of 5 Stars! 05/06/2014
This machine is terrific! My children love it. I charged it once and the battery has held power for weeks! Drives like a car, has features of a car and makes my children feel great. This is the best product I have bought from Powersportsmax

Money well spent. Recipient will thank you for it. My children are delighted. It starts easily, drives great and is the envy of my neighborhood.
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Ownership: more than 1 years
This user purchased this item from PowersportsMax.com
4 of 5 Stars! 02/02/2013
Good buggy ...would like to see better English instructions and a better battery ...charged battery as instructions told but it still drains out and doesn't stay charged. Other than that is awesome.
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Vincent Humplick

5 of 5 Stars! 11/05/2011
This is an excellent go kart for the price! We bought it for our 6-yr-old son. He worked on all aspects of the assembly which made him very familiar with how it works. Throttle response is gradual and proportional to pedal travel: in other words, the kart doesn’t build up engine revs without movement and then lunge forward, instead it moves out in a very predictable manner. The three speed semi-auto manual has made our son an excellent driver. He is able to control the speed, gauge when to shift up or down based on the terrain and situation. The kart is very capable off-road, operating like a locked rear differential. First gear offers low speed for controlled descent and then plenty of torque for climbing. Top gear is pretty fast for its size, but our son knows when he can go fast and when not to. Engine noise is subdued, much lower noise than your neighbor’s lawn mower! It has grown-up car features that add to the realism and joy of driving which our son really loves including rear view mirrors, turn signals, horn, lights with high/low beam, parking break, key-based ignition and hydraulic brakes. In fact, with all those features, he’s become very observant of my own driving and constantly asks me questions about driving situations that we encounter in my car, as well as reminding me on proper driving rules and etiquette!

The shipping container and packing was thorough. There was some paint scuffed off during transport, but the metal frame in which it arrived and to which the kart was bolted secured it during its journey. We touched up the paint with spray can from our local hardware store. Note that the combined kart and shipping frame make the entire package very heavy. A forklift or large group of people with ramps will be needed to offload it and move the package into place for storage/assembly.

Assembly instructions are vague in parts, and the manual could use a lot of improvement in content, format and grammar. Some tips that may help: The wheels are supposed to face a specific direction, with the herring bone pattern pointing toward the front of the kart as you stand over the top of the tire. Assemble the roll cage by first leaving lots of room for it to wiggle by just staging the bolts, this will help get all the bars in their right place after which you can tighten the bolts down gradually and rotating through them so that it sits square on the frame. The cross-bar bolt holes are covered by the roll cage protective foam and the holes are not marked: you may try pinching the foam with your fingers to locate, in one case we could not find them with that technique, so we used a tiny sewing needle to probe the foam working our way slowly along the bar until we located the bolt hole. The battery is shipped dry and requires you to fill it using the contents of the white plastic bottle – note that there are levels for each cell marked on the side. You must also open and attach the vent tube to the battery. We found that we needed to charge the new battery before it would start. The fuel flow valve under the tank has odd markings which don’t make it clear which direction it needs to point for it to flow. The idle control needed adjustment to keep the engine running – this is a tiny screw on the carburetor on the side of the engine facing the seatback, tighten it in to increase idle.

Otherwise, assembly can be done by one adult, no parts are excessively heavy, a strong person can easily pick up one end of the kart and slide a jack-stand underneath. A basic tool set is all that is needed. After running the kart for a while, go back and check all the bolts and nuts, we found several that needed tightening after a bit of flexing and vibration.

Probably the biggest omission in the manual or directions is that the gear selector must be in neutral (zero) and the brake pedal must be depressed before the ignition will work. This instruction should be highlighted. This may seem obvious to some, but yours truly spent a long time on this, and that in combination with the low battery and the fuel shut-off valve misdirection, it was quite a puzzle.

In Summary: highly recommended.
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matthew Taylor

5 of 5 Stars! 06/02/2011
EXCELLENT Dune Buggy!!!!!!!! I bought it for my fourteen year old son and i even love it. He rides it all the time with his brother or sister. Does not Break easily. MY wife and i thought we wouldnt have enough room in the yard. THIS THING DOES NOT NEED A LARGE LAWN AT ALL WE HAVE A SMALL YARD BUT ITS FINE. HIGHLY RECOMENDED.
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Edward Ferguson
Ownership: more than 1 years
This user purchased this item from PowersportsMax.com
5 of 5 Stars! 04/24/2011
It's a great go-kart! I bought it for my 12 year old but the entire family loves riding it, better than a golf cart! It took about 2 hours to put together, added gas, added more oil, and it started right up. It took about two hours for the battery to charge since the battery fluid had to be poured into it. Excellent communication with this company....HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...
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Brandon Cropper

5 of 5 Stars! 01/17/2011
best go kart i have ever had
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John Peabody
Ownership: more than 1 years
This user purchased this item from PowersportsMax.com
5 of 5 Stars! 03/22/2010
I got the little go kart for my 8 year old daughter and its great ! Its has plenty of power to climb hills and get out of the way fast ! It will pull both off us up some steep hills and is a lot of fun in the snow ! My only complaint is it goes a little to fast for young kids ! Its about the best deal around ! Buy it !

The gk-foo7 is a good starter kart ! My 8 year old loves it and she drives it everywhere (but not on the street) Cant beat the quality for the price !
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Ownership: more than 1 years
This user purchased this item from PowersportsMax.com
5 of 5 Stars! 03/06/2010
My grandson is absolutely thrilled with his GoKart. I never saw him so happy. My son-in-law said the assembly was fairly easy so I guess you could say we are all pleased. Delivery was prompt, too.
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Nathan Frier
Ownership: more than 1 years
This user purchased this item from PowersportsMax.com
5 of 5 Stars! 02/22/2010
The off road go cart I got for my kids is great. It handles well and goes pretty fast. It can take little bumbs amd climbs as well. It seams to be safe in design and looks good. The kids are haveing a blast. The only problem I encountered is the battery goes dead quick. I believe it died because it froze for days on end. Other then that, it has been a really nice cart.

I would highly recommend this go cart to anyone with kids. It shifts nicely and is good to train them on driving for the future.
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Ed helt

5 of 5 Stars! 02/05/2010
Great paint job, everything works great at start up. Grand Kids are really tickled with them. Steers very easy and company is very nice. Especially Albert, he was very helpful.
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Displaying 1 to 10 (of 11 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>] 
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This machine is terrific! My children love it. I charged it once and the battery has held power for weeks! Drives like a car, has features of a car an ..
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