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80cc 2-stroke Engine Motor Kit for Motorized Bicycle Bike


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Key Features

  • Brand New High Quality 2-stroke engine motorized bike conversion kit, 80cc
  • It fits for most 24" and up bicycles
  • Item includes: 80cc 2-stroke engine, Carburetor, Ignition coil & CDI, Throttle cable, Clutch cable , Kill Switch , Chain , Brake Pad , Gas tank , Throttle handlebar set.
  • Brake Pads: Fresh brake pads and clean rims assure proper braking
  • PLEASE NOTE:Due to regulation of CARB (California Air Resources Board), this item CANNOT be sold to California Residents!! All orders from California will be cancelled.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Please measure the physical size to be sure you get the correct one.


    Engine Model 308-999022 Ignition Method CDI
    Engine Type Single Cylinder, 2-Stroke Rated Power 1.5Kw / 5000r / min
    Mixing Ration for Fuel 16:1 for break period(first 300 miles) Speed Limitation 25-40MPH
    Spark Plug Z4C 14MM Fuel Consumption 120-170 MPG


    1. Mix 8 oz. of 2-stoke oil (16: 1 ration) to 1 gallon of fuel in separate container. Shake well to mix and fill the gas tank (1/2 gallon capacity). Do not overfill. Remember to put the fuel cap back on. This is the recommended break in mixture for the first 2 tanks full.

    2. Open the fuel valve. Small lever pointed down with fuel line is in the open position.

    3. Depress the small, round cap plunger (tickle button) to prime the carburetor. It is located on the left side of the carburetor next to the idle adjust screw. One or two times should be enough.

    4. Lift the choke lever to the "up" position. It is the small lever on the right side of the carburetor.

    5. Pull the handlebar clutch lever inward, to disengage the engine from the rear wheel.

    6. Start to pedal - downhill ifpossible for the first start.

    7. Let out the clutch lever all the way and continue to pedal. The result is a direct en~ne hook up with the rear wheel via the chain and sprocket, and the engine will now mm ox er (start spinning). Pedal until the motor starts. Accelerate slowly at first.

    8. Twist the throttle to increase speed, reverse twist the throttle to decrease speed. To stop, disengage the clutch and apply the brakes. To accelerate, pedal and release clutch while opening the throttle.

    9. Adjust the choke to the smoothest engine running position.

    10. After warming up the engine, push the choke lever all the way down. Ifthe engine races too fast or too slow, pull the clutch lever and lock in the notched catch. Stop and adjust the engine rpm.

    11. Ifthc rpm needs adjusting, turn the idle adjust screw (left side of carburetor) in or out slowly, to obtain the proper idle speed of about 1400 rpm -/- 100 rpm. To correctly break in the engine, do not exceed 20 mph or 30 minutes of continuous running time for the first 50 miles.

    12. To stop the engine, push the Kill Switch and turn off the gas valve at the tank. Turning off the gas will prevent fuel from being siphoned from the tank. Warning note: Never leave the fuel-tank gas valve in the open position when the engine is not running or when the bike is in storage.

    13. After and before each ride, check all of the mounting fasteners, including the axle and brakes.

    14. After using the first gallon of gasoline, the next fuel mix can be at 20:1 gas to oil ratio. Use a high-grade, synthetic 2-cycle motorcycle oil. This can be purchased at most motorcycle shops or lawn and garden shops. Note: Engine lockup or piston seizure due to improper gas/oil mixture will not be covered by your engine's factory warranty. It is the responsibility of the owner/operator to make sure the gas and oil are mixed correctly.

Usage Tips

  • Do start the engine in an open place to let the exhaust gas gets full emission.
  • For Automatic Transmission Engines, please don't start is at reverse. For Semi-auto and Manual Transmission Engines, please do start at Neutral.
  • Check lubricating oil level and fuel level regularly. Make sure they are sufficient and not leaked.
  • Please do not accelerate until it has warmed up for 1-3 minutes if cooler start engine.
  • All new engines need a initial run-in time. Because the surface of the parts is not that smooth, they need a time to run-in to have the parts get smooth and work together better. The initial run-in should be at least 500KM. During the initial run-in, please avoid full-open throttle and don't start it over 80 percent of the top speed. Make sure to clear all fuel and change new when initial run-in over. Be strictly obey this will prolong the engine service life and has it working in good condition.
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